About Underscore


The underscore puts an emphasis on a word or a phrase. It also indicates a space
that needs to be filled. It is typically found upon opening a new page to see nothing
but the underscore symbol - flashing, waiting.

The underscore is an invitation to write.

Each Fall semster, editors produce a call for submissions. Underscore Vol. 0.5s are
full of half-baked ideas, developing themes, mysterious suggestions, and sneak
previews - all of which have yet to be fully realized. Choose your own adventure....


Mail to:
Underscore Journal
960 East 3rd Street,
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In alphabetical order

Debbie Garcia
Hawke Gihm
Connor Gravelle
Erik Valle
Erika Viado
Priscila Villalpando
Adrian Wong

Patrick Geske
Cody Miner

Special Thanks
Jake Matatyaou
Constance Vale

Underscore is funded by
the SCI-Arc Student Union.

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